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Customer Referral

Customer Referral Program Rules

  1. There is no cost or obligation for an insurance quote.
  2. A qualified referral is an individual with an existing insurance policy. The insurance policy will be used for comparative purposes. The individual must be willing to provide Biondi-Franklin with any/all applicable information for an insurance quote.
  3. The qualified referral is limited to one per person, not per quote or policy type quoted.
  4. Backdated or previous referrals do not qualify for Biondi-Franklin’s Customer Referral Program. Referrals must be recognized at the time the new/prospective customer is quoted.
  5. New/Prospective customers must present the referral offer at the time of the quote in order to qualify for said offer.
  6. High risk auto, difficult to place lines, or persons ineligible for an insurance quote do not qualify for this program.
  7. Biondi-Franklin Insurance reserves the right to alter, change, or discontinue the referral program at anytime without notice.
  8. Qualified referral offers will be fulfilled within 2-6 weeks unless otherwise noted.
  9. Biondi-Franklin Insurance reserves the right to increase or decrease the amount of payment for a referral.
  10. Biondi-Franklin Insurance reserves the right to make a cash award in place of a gas card or certificate.
  11. Biondi-Franklin Insurance reserves the right to interpret rules.
  12. The customer referral program is void and Biondi-Franklin Insurance will have no further obligations if we are not in compliance with Federal Laws, State Laws or Pennsylvania Insurance Department rules or regulations.