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Getting into an accident can be scary, but with the Biondi-Franklin App you’re not alone. Our easy to use App helps you and your family in the event of an accident. It provides an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide to collecting information right at the accident scene.

Accident Features:

  • Guides you through the steps you’ll need to take as you document the accident and submit a claim.
  • Provides tips to help you stay calm.
  • Automatically detects the accident date, time and location.
  • Allows you to photograph damage and record an audio description.
  • Helps you collect information from drivers, passengers, witnesses, and police.
  • Provides an easy way to access your favorite auto-related phone numbers, like roadside assistance and repair shops.
  • Produces a detailed accident report with attached photos and contact information.
  • Allows you to send your report to any email address.
  • Keeps track of your submitted claims and accident reports.
  • Provides answers to typical claim-related questions.

Additional Features:

  • Policy Info – Your policy information, accessible when you need it most!
  • Agency contact – Select your agent and stay connected!
  • Policy Requests – Get an ID Card, request a change, and so much more!
  • Services – Based on your location, our app can help you find Towing Services, Gas Stations, Hotels, and even a Taxi!

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